Waterwell & Environmental

Waterwell & Environmental

Please also see HD (Vertical Series) and 155 Series Information Sheets and Installation Guides

kwik-ZIP® Centralizers are used on both casing and gravel packed screens.

It is not possible to correctly grout a casing and maintain aquifer protection without the use of correctly designed inert centralizers at appropriate intervals to keep the casing from touching the borehole wall during grouting. Also inert centralizers should be used on all gravel packed screens to ensure centralization of the screen prior to gravel packing.

The casing annulus in all water wells and monitor wells should be cement grouted from the top of the production zone back to surface. The grout seal protects the casing from corrosion, and both the well itself and aquifers through which it is drilled, from surface and sub-surface sources of contamination.

Correct cement grouting has also been shown to dramatically reduce vertical leakage via the annulus to the production / intake zone of heavy metals such as Arsenic. Studies in the USA have indicated that a correctly grouted casing can reduce recorded Arsenic levels in the water produced from a well (National Ground Water Association, Water Well Journal, p.30, June 2006). kwik-ZIP Centralizers are ideal for this application for both domestic household wells and deep large diameter commercial wells.