Watermain Renewal Toorak Road, Victoria

Project:  Watermain Renewal Toorak Road, Victoria

Contractor:  Quinn Civil Pty Ltd

Carrier Pipe:  DN750 into DN1050 concrete jacking pipe

Spacer Model:  HDX 90

HDX Casing CentralizersThe Watermain Renewal at Toorak Road, South Yarra involved the utilisation of kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers at 1M intervals to support and protect the installation of MSCL carrier pipe into a concrete jacking pipe.

Kwik-ZIP’s spacers have no metal parts and are made from Acetal POM – a high-grade thermoplastic that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low coefficient of friction. The spacers simple and efficient installation process require no special tools.

The project highlights the advantages of kwik-ZIP’s HDX range to support carrier pipe installation on low co-efficient of friction wear pads that resist abrasion from the host pipe surface and their ability to deal with heavy pipe both during installation and post commissioning were an estimated weight of 220kg/m is expected.

The HDX’s unique load sharing runner system design maximizes spacer weight bearing capacity and reduces point loading.

HDX Casing SpacersThe watermain was installed under live Tram tracks and the use of kwik-ZIP HDX spacers provides suspension and a dampening effect to minimize damaging vibration and movement transfer from the host pipe.

Kwik-ZIP HDX Spacers are approved by WSAA and meet the requirements of their Product Specification PS-324 Casing Spacers.

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