Watermain Adjustment, Campbell’s Cove, The Rocks, Sydney

Project:  Watermain Adjustment, Campbell’s Cove, The Rocks, Sydney

Client:  Axis Plumbing for Sydney Water

Carrier Size:  DN200 HDPE PN16

Casing Size:  DN375 RCP Casing

Spacer Model:  HDX 65

Kwik-ZIP HDX65 casing spacers were utilised for the replacement of a 100 metre Watermain in front of the historic Campbell’s Stores building at the Rocks. The spacers were supplied direct to the client from our distributor Reece(Pemulwuy Branch).
HDX 65 Casing Spacers

The project required a 100m length of DN200 HDPE PN16 carrier pipe to be installed inside a DN375 RCP Casing.

This high profile project faced a number of challenges including an extremely rough internal finish on the RCP casing, close proximity to a Heritage listed property, being in a high traffic tourist zone and the fact that much of the above ground landscaping and structural footings were already in place.

HDX 65 Casing Spacerskwik-ZIP model HDX 65 spacers were selected and installed at 2m intervals to support the carrier pipe and protect it from abrasion damage during installation.

Kwik-ZIP’s spacers have no metal parts and are made from Acetal POM – a high-grade thermoplastic that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low coefficient of friction. The spacers simple and efficient installation process require no special tools. These attributes enabled Axis Plumbing to successfully install the carrier pipe without any issues.

HDX 65 Casing SpacersKwik-ZIP HDX Spacers are approved by WSAA and meet the requirements of their Product Specification PS-324 Casing Spacers.

“The spacers were delivered on-time as requested and our crew found the Kwik-ZIP spacers simple and easy to install given they didn’t require any special tools. Their robust design and ability to protect the carrier pipe and handle tough abrasive conditions made them the perfect solution for our project.” – Errol Alley: National Manager – Axis Civil and Hydraulics.

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