Water Main Upgrades

HD-30 Casing SpacerProject: Water Main Upgrades

Carrier Size: DN125 PE Water main

Casing Size: DN330 ST Gas Main (abandoned)

Spacer Model: HD-30 (30mm high)

Kwik-ZIP® HD-30 spacers were installed to facilitate the slip-lining of DN125 PE Water Main into abandoned DN330 ST Gas Mains. 

Given the abandoned gas mains had numerous internal protrusions (joins and welds) there was significant concern that the PE carrier pipes could be scratched and damaged during slip lining. 

As the primary objective was to protect the new water main during slip lining operations, the lower profile kwik-ZIP® HD-30 spacer model was utilised. The curved bow spring design ensured that the PE carrier pipe would easily ride over any protrusions and be protected from damage. HD spacers are also fitted with grip pads to prevent spacers slipping on the carrier pipe during installation. 

HDPE pipe manufacturers generally advise that HDPE pipe needs to be de-rated in regards to pressure if scratches exceed 10% of the wall thickness of the pipe. 

This highlights the benefit of utilising kwik-ZIP® spacers for slip lining applications both inside an enveloper, and in open boreholes. The runners ensure that the pipe can’t make contact with the enveloper during and after installation. 

kwik-ZIP’s large range of spacers caters for a wide range of ID / OD combinations as well as providing flexibility to deal with project alterations. 

The simple and efficient installation process does not require any special tools. kwik-ZIP® spacers have no metal parts and are made from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low co-efficient of friction. 

“The Kwik-Zip spacers were a great solution for slip-lining, alleviating the risk of potential damage to the PE pipe during the process. Thanks to PJ and the Kwik-zip team for their excellent customer service, they were fantastic to deal with from start to finish and we’ll certainly keep them in mind for future projects.”

Jo McAnulty, Site Engineer 

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