Kwik-ZIP: Supporting industries with innovative centralisation solutions

Discover the benefits of Kwik-ZIP’s pipe centralizers and casing spacer systems

Born and perfected in Australia, now making waves across the diverse landscapes of The United Kingdom. Our patented solutions cater to an array of industry sectors, including water/wastewater, civil construction, ground engineering, tunnelling, resources, oil & gas, and energy production and transmission.

Unrivaled quality with a metal-free approach

Manufactured from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend, our products stand out for their metal-free construction. With a steadfast commitment to price effectiveness, simplicity, and swift on-site assembly, Kwik-ZIP ensures that its systems deliver substantial cost, time, and operational advantages for our valued UK and European customers.

Streamlined supply chain for UK and Europe

Benefit from a network of distributors strategically located in the UK, supported by an extensive inventory housed in our Leicestershire Warehouse. This streamlined supply chain guarantees timely access to Kwik-ZIP products, providing a reliable solution for our UK and European customers.

Trusted performance in the UK and Europe

Experience the proven track record of Kwik-ZIP products in the UK and European markets, spanning Water Well, Ground Engineering, Civil Construction, Waterworks, and Oil & Gas industries. Witness the reliability and efficiency that have made Kwik-ZIP a trusted choice in these regions.

Showcasing innovation at No-DIG Live (UK)

Join Kwik-ZIP at No-DIG Live (UK), where innovation meets industry. As regular exhibitors, we showcase our commitment to advancing centralisation solutions, demonstrating our expertise and dedication to driving excellence.