Timber no more

wooden_spacersThe Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) has recently released its Product Specification (WSA PS 324) for Casing Spacers. Casing Spacers are used for the protection of carrier pipes when installed inside casings.

kwik-ZIP Managing Director, Jason Linaker, said that in the past many contractors have used timber as a make-shift spacer, but this is simply no longer compliant with the new standard.

“Over time, timber rots away leaving either gaps in the grouting, or if grouting isn’t used, the pipe will move once the timber is no longer able to support the weight. There is also the risk with timber that it will wear away as it is run in.

“Although spacers are usually a small part of the overall pipe installation process, correctly designed and fitted spacers can significantly increase the life expectancy of the carrier pipe by keeping them free from corrosion, casing damage and overall wear.”

kwik-ZIP HDX Series spacers are made from a high-grade thermoplastic material and have integrated rubber pads for slip resistance.

“On-site assembly is easy with no specialist skills required,” says Mr Linaker.

“Flexibility of the design means various runner heights can be achieved, allowing for different pipe/casing combinations.

“Because you only need one product group across the whole job site, this cuts down on confusion about which product to use where, and speeds up installation,” said Mr Linaker.

kwik-ZIP HDX Series Spacers are the only ready-made Australian product that complies with the new WSAA Product Specification and are available through all Reece Civil stores.

For full details of PRODUCT SPECIFICATION WSA PS – 324 CASING SPACERS, click here (p118).