The only WSAA approved pipe spacer

kwik-ZIP HDX Series spacers have been officially approved by the Water Services Association of Australia, as the first and only spacer system to comply with the WSA PS-324 for casing spacers.

kwik-zip_wsaa_approvalWSA PS-324 product specification for correct protection of carrier pipes when installed inside casings was released in early November 2015.

The standard outlines various requirements of the spacer including use of materials, abrasion resistance, requirement for wear pads, runner height flexibility and minimum runner spacing around the pipe.

Jason Linaker, Managing Director and creator of the Australian-owned kwik-ZIP HDX series says that he is proud that his design has been officially recognised by the industry, and that this will pave the way for safer and longer lasting installations across the board.

“kwik-ZIP casing spacers will protect pipes, make installation easier and extend the life of your asset, and now with WSAA approval, choosing the right spacer for longevity and success has been made simple.

“kwik-ZIP spacers are made from high grade thermoplastic and have integrated rubber pads for slip resistance.

“Flexibility of the design means various runner heights can be achieved, allowing for different pipe/casing combinations.

“Because you only need one product group across the whole job site, this cuts down on confusion about which product to use where, and speeds up installation.

“In fact, on-site assembly is easy, as there are no specialist skills required.

“Although spacers are usually a small part of the overall pipe installation process, correctly designed and fitted spacers can significantly increase the life expectancy of the carrier pipe by keeping them free from corrosion, casing damage and overall wear,” says Mr Linaker.

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