Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Please also see HD (Vertical Series) Information Sheets and Installation Guides.

kwik-ZIP® centralizers are often used on Oil & Gas production wells when verticality and other conditions such as extreme depth & temperature do not require the use of an API 10D type bow spring steel centralizer.

The API 10D standard for bow spring steel centralizers is intended to apply to wells that are drilled with dog legs and have a relatively severe level of deviation (average of 30 degree from vertical). A high proportion of Oil & Gas wells do not fall into this category, and thus assuming other conditions and regulations permit, kwik-ZIP® products should be considered.

kwik-ZIP® products are routinely used for well completions on Coal Seam (Coal Bed) Methane Well Casing.

Kwik-ZIP HD Series Centralizers are very popular for fiberglass and GRP well casings in the Oil & Gas sectors. A standard API 10D centralizer will generally not fit these composite casings due to variations in diameter, whereas kwik-ZIP products are totally adjustable for diameter. Kwik-ZIP products also will not damage composite casing materials as steel centralizers can.

Another Oil & Gas application in which kwik-ZIP products are often used is in waterflood or produced water injection wells. These wells are used to dispose of saline water produced from oil & gas wells and to help maintain pressure in the reservoir In most cases the fluid being re-injected is highly corrosive and thus it is essential that inert centralizers are considered.