Newsletter – September 1, 2015

Pipe Space

CSG exploration and production

Why use inert casing and centralisers?

There is a range of casing and centraliser materials used by contractors for the exploration and production of Coal Seam Gas (CSG). Depending on the objectives and targets of the well, inert materials can often provide an effective solution to common problems.

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A contractor’s point of view

“If I ever have a question, I can call and speak directly to the manufacturer at kwik-ZIP. I can have one of their people out on site to provide any required assistance – that is one of the major benefits of using an Australian made, quality spacer system.” Joe Pezzimenti, Director at Pezzimenti Trenchless

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Reducing the load with trenchless technology

While much of a pipeline can be constructed using open trench excavation, followed by backfill and restoration, trenchless technology is often required on pipeline projects to get the pipeline under obstacles like rivers, roads and railways.

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See you at the Show

Kwik-ZIP will be exhibiting at a range of industry events in the near future, including No Dig, the APGA Convention and Drillfest.

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