Merri Creek Sewer Relief Project

Project: Merri Creek Sewer Relief Project, Coburg Victoria

Client: Land Engineering, Quinn Civil, JHL Civil for Melbourne Water and CPB

Carrier Pipe: Iplex DN225 RESTRAIN™ Sewer Pipe

Spacer Model: HD 50

Bore Size: 380mm OD

L&D Microtunnelling used Kwik-ZIP spacers to protect and centralise an Iplex DN225 RESTRAIN™ Sewer Pipe during its installation on the Merri Creek Sewer Relief Project.

“The Merri Creek Sewer Relief project was the rehabilitation of the 100 year old brick sewer that ran along Merri Creek through Coburg, Brunswick and Northcote”

The project required 8 separate bores totalling 346 meters. Iplex DN225 RESTRAIN™ Sewer Pipe was installed into the open bore using HD 50 spacers.

“The spacers are quick and easy to install, they also aid in the joining of the pipe providing a strong handle to screw threads together” –  Chris Dean, L&D Microtunnelling.

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