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Project: Te Maunga Landward Section Outfall
Location: Bay of Plenty, NZ
Installation Date: October 2021

Carrier Size: DN1200mm PE water pipeline
Casing Size: 1500mm Concrete Duct
Run Length: 100m
Spacer Model: HDXT 103

Where are the kwik-Zip spacers being used and why?

The kwik-Zip spacers have been installed as part of the Te Maunga Outfall pipeline project located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. They have been installed around the circumference of a 1200mm PE pipeline to ensure the newly installed PE pipeline will sit center, while pulling the pipeline through a 100m 1500mm existing concrete duct under the TEL. By using the kwik-Zip spacers, HEB Construction have avoided any potential damage to the PE pipe on installation.

Why did we use the kwik-Zip brand product?

HEB Construction successfully used the kwik-Zip on the Waiari Pripeline Project and due to the easy and quick installation with the screw lock system it was the preferred option. This was key part of the project and we needed the certainty during installation.

What intervals were they placed at? And why?

At either end of the jacking pipe, HEB Construction installed two sets of kwik-Zip pipe spacer. The spacers were then installed at 1m intervals between each end as shown below.

Kwik-Zip Diagram

How have we found installing them? – did they work like we thought they would?

On site personnel had previous experience using kwik-Zip’s and followed the installation guide, which ensured the product was used correctly and efficiently. We had technical support from the supplier and the product worked exactly as it should and no issues were encountered. They were very quick and easy to install and HEB Construction would not hesitate in using them again should the situation arise.

Duncan Alberts
Senior Project Manager
HEB Construction – BOP Civils

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