HDX / HDXT Series

HDX / HDXT Series

HDX & HDXT Series Casing Spacer for Medium to Heavy Weight Pipe in Cased Crossings

The HDX / HDXT Casing Spacer at a glance:

  • Handles Steel, DICL, HDPE, Concrete and MSCL carrier pipes from 100mm (4”) OD to 1600mm (63”) OD and beyond.
  • Deals with various annular clearances, both grouted and
    un-grouted, via multiple runner heights.
  • Positions pipe within casing/host pipe for customized centering or restraining.;
  • Installs quickly and easily to support carrier pipe on low co-efficient of friction wear pads that resist abrasion from casing/host pipe surface.
  • Maximizes spacer weight bearing capacity and reduces point loading via a unique load sharing runner system.
  • Grips pipe surface on anti-slip rubber pads that prevent spacer dislodgement during installation.
  • Minimizes damaging vibration and movement transfer from outer casing to carrier pipe via suspension and dampening effect.
  • Resists chemicals and oils, even if immersed for long periods of time.
  • Contains no metal parts to promote corrosion.
  • No lead content – making it fully compatible with all potable water applications.

The HDX casing spacer comes in four runner heights, 38mm (1.5”), 65mm (2.6”), 90mm (3.6”) and 125mm (5”).

The HDXT casing spacer comes in five runner heights, 43mm (1.69”), 58mm (2.28”), 63mm (2.48”), 103mm (4.05”) and 153mm (6.02”).

The different runner heights across the two models ensures that pipeline installers can handle a very broad range of carrier pipe OD and casing (host pipe) ID combinations, and customise pipe position for grade control or “centering”.

The HDX / HDXT series casing spacer is compatible with all types of pipe material, minimises running friction during installation, and stations the pipe to promote even grout cover.  If the pipe is not to be grouted the HDX / HDXT will support and isolate the carrier pipe plus its contents for the design life of the installation.

The HDX Series has been certified against WSAA Product Specification Product Specification # 324 (Casing Spacers).

The WSAA Appraisal Certificate PA 1523 Issue 2 for the HDX Spacer Series, confirming compliance with WSAA Product Spec# 324 –Casing Spacers, can be found here

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