GT Series

GT Series

GT Series: FOR Rock Bolts, Soil Nails, Anchors, Small Dia Drop Pipe, Down Hole Camera and Geophysical Tools

Available in:

  • GT 10 – 10mm Bow (0.39″ Bow)
  • GT 20 – 20mm Bow (0.78″ Bow)
  • GT 30 – 30mm Bow (1.18″ Bow)
  • GT 40 – 40mm Bow (1.57″ Bow)

This geotechnical centralizer will suit bar, pipe, micro pile and nail diameters from 18mm (0.70 in) OD up to 65mm (2.56 in) OD.

It comes in bow heights of 10mm (0.39 in), 20mm (0.78 in), 30mm (1.18 in), and 40mm (1.57 in).

Its unique features include a wide bow and a simple integrated “cable tie” method of assembly.

Water Well, Ground Engineering and Foundation Drilling applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Soil Nails.
  • Post Tensioning.
  • Rock Bolts.
  • Anchors.
  • Monitor Wells
  • Small diameter drop pipe.
  • Down hole cameras, geophysical logging tools and other data collection devices.

No special tools are required to assemble the GT Series.

GT Series Table

Bar / Pipe Dia mm(Inches)Units per Centralizer
18mm – 29mm(0.70 inch – 1.14 inch)2
29mm – 46mm(1.14 inch – 1.81 inch)3
46mm – 65mm(1.81 inch – 2.56 inch)4
Over 65mm(Over 2.56 inch)Use 155 HT

GT Series: Micro Piles, Monitoring Wells, Rock Bolts, Soil Nails, Threadbar Anchors,  Small Diametre Drop Pipe, Geophysical Logging Tools and Piezometer