Gravity Sewer Upgrade, Greenvale Victoria

Open Bore Micro TunnellingOpen Bore Micro TunnellingProject: Gravity Sewer upgrade, Greenvale Victoria
Contractor: L&D Micro Tunnelling
Client: Adept Drainage for Yarra Valley Water

Carrier Pipe: Iplex DN300 PVC RESTRAIN™ sewer pipe in a open bore
Spacer Model: HD30
Bore Size: 380mm OD

Open bore application

The Greenvale Sewer project required 8 separate bores totalling 260 meters of drilling in various types of ground conditions.

L&D Micro Tunnelling used Kwik-ZIP spacers to protect and centralise an Iplex DN300 PVC RESTRAIN™ sewer pipe in an open bore during its installation on the Greenvale Sewer Project.

“Kwikzip centralizers are strong and easy to use and keep the pipe perfectly on grade.” – Chris Dean, L&D Micro Tunnelling.

Open Bore Micro Tunnelling Open Bore Micro Tunnelling



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