Civil & Pipelines

Civil & Pipelines

Please also see HDXT, HDX and HD Series Information Sheets and Installation Guides.

kwik-ZIP products are used on Under Road Cased Crossings, Under Rail Cased Crossings, and Slip Lining applications for spacing and insulating water, gas, sewer and other wastewater carrier pipes.  These include PVC Pipe, HDPE / Poly Pipe, Fibreglass Pipe, Clay Pipe, Steel Pipe, and Ductile Iron up to 1600mm OD and beyond.

Intervals between spacers depend on the diameter and weight of the pipeline and whether it is to be grouted.

Please contact us for specific interval information.

The kwik-ZIP® system has also been applied to pipeline surface cradle stanchions or piles constructed from square or C section beams.

As with standard piles, such stanchions need to be grouted in place to stabilize and prevent corrosion. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the stanchion is centralized in the drilled hole prior to setting with grout. The unique flexibility of the collars on the kwik-ZIP® centralizer system allow it to be applied to such irregular profiles and square beams.