380 Series

Please note that the 380 Series is being discontinued and the availability of this series may be limited dependent on remaining inventory levels. Please refer to our HD Series as a replacement option.

380 Series: FOR Gravel Packed Screens, Casing, Drop Pipe

Available in:

  • 380 HT-D 30mm Bow (1.18″ Bow)
  • 380 HT-E 50mm Bow (2” Bow)

This model will centralize casing diametres of 160mm (6.3 in) OD up to 760mm (29.9 in) OD.

It comes in bow heights of 30mm (1.18 in) and 50mm (2 in).

Its unique features include a flexible bow able to deflect to handle tight annulus settings.

Centralizing applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Well production casing in borehole.
  • Gravel packed well screen.
  • Drop pipe in casing.

A 380 Series Setting Tool is required to assemble the 380 Series.

Installation Guide for 380 Series 380 Product Information Sheet

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