Drilling and Civil Construction Equipment – Non-Metallic Centralizer & Spacer Systems for Production Well Drilling, Trenchless Installations, Plastic Centralizer and Pipelines

HDX Series for Medium to Heavy Weight Pipe in Cased Crossings

HDX Series for Medium to Heavy Weight Pipe in Cased Crossings

kwik-ZIP Centraliser and Spacer Systems are used extensively in Production Well Completion, HDD Drilling, Plastic Centralizer, Trenchless Pipeline Installation.

Designed and developed by drilling professionals originally to solve production casing centralization challenges, the kwik-ZIP range has grown into a multiple industry series of models that handle casing, bar and pipe diametres from 18mm (0.7in) to greater than 1600 mm (63in).

Manufactured from high grade thermoplastic, kwik-ZIP products are used and recommended by Pipeline and Civil Contractors, Commercial Plumbing Companies, Water Authorities, Water Well Drillers, and International Engineering Firms. The use of kwik-ZIP helps Contractors to comply with the numerous regulations that require casing centralizers or pipe spacers / slippers including Wastewater and Sewerage Codes and Water Well Construction Standards.

kwik-ZIP maintains a focus on price effectiveness,  simplicity and rapid on-site assembly, to ensure that our systems deliver significant cost, time and operational advantages to our end user customers.

kwik-zip Advantages

  • Cost. Real savings when multiple centralizers and spacers are required.
  • Time. Onsite assembly within seconds for smaller pipe diameters.
  • Simplicity. No specialist skills required to put together.
  • Flexibility. Various bow heights for different pipe/bar/borehole combinations.
  • Resilience. Engineered from high impact thermoplastic rated to 80 deg C (176 F), with no metal parts to corrode.
  • Slip Prevention (HDX/HD Series).  Integrated rubber pads to lock onto pipe/casing.
  • Curved Profile. Low friction coefficient for easy pipe/casing insertion into casing/hole.
  • Logistics. Segmented design and packaging for low inventory and transport costs.
  • Expertise. Technical advice available on best kwik-ZIP model for your project

Markets served include Australasia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

Kwik-ZIP’s main warehouses are located in Sydney, Australia and Dallas, USA.

In addition, kwik-ZIP products are stocked by an extensive network of Distributors.

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